Courses Related to Research Programs: A Step Towards Glory

About Research Programs

Research programs are those programs which are related to the in depth study of a particular subject, so that a new invention or discovery can take place with respect to that subject. Under a research program you have to choose a topic only and have to study all the aspects of that subject and then try to understand that, is there any scope of new theorem or formula or principle or method or invention or discovery. Students have to note down all the observations and the outputs during their research program and that is known as writing of thesis. If someone write down a thesis and that has been approved by the pioneers of that field or subject or discipline then the one also become a renowned person of that field. There were so many scientists, mathematicians, philosophers, scholars evolved by their successful research programs. As we all know about the great “Albert Einstein”, “Sir Issac Newton” and many more. They all were great researchers of their time. Continue reading “Courses Related to Research Programs: A Step Towards Glory”

Distance Learning Courses: A Boon to Aspirants from Remote Areas

About Distance Learning

Distance learning program is different from the traditional education system. In this mode of learning you need not to go any institute or college on regular basis. You can study from home with the help of study material provided by university or autonomous institute. This method of study is very helpful for those students whose financial condition is not so good and for those also who are living at remote places and regular traveling is too hectic for them. Because the courses available in distance learning are not so expensive as compared to regular courses. I think its true, that distance learning is a boon for students from remote areas and who can not go to cities for further studies. Today distance learning method is also popular in cities. In cities students don’t have time to attend regular classes who are in a job, so they prefer distance learning courses. In this post I will discuss about various course available in distance learning mode. Now a days almost every degree course is available under distance learning such as BA, MA, B Com, M Com, B Sc and M Sc etc. There are also various diploma courses available under it. There are many universities and institutes which are providing distance learning courses in India. Continue reading “Distance Learning Courses: A Boon to Aspirants from Remote Areas”

Distance Learning Education Vs Regular Education

All over the world there are two proper ways of learning, one is regular learning and the second one is distance learning. As these two terms indicate that in regular learning you have to attend all regular classes and you have to register a set mark of attendance at your college or institution, while on other hand in distance learning there is no necessity of attending regular classes. In distance learning most of the universities and institutions conduct classes on weekend it may be Saturday and Sunday both or may be either Sunday or Saturday. In regular learning the internal exams are compulsory while on the other hand except some courses in distance learning there is no such type of rule imposed. Still there are some courses which are not available in maximum institutes and universities under distance learning like BE, B Tech, ME and M Tech. These courses are not available in distance learning in maximum universities or institutes. Continue reading “Distance Learning Education Vs Regular Education”

How to Clear Entrance Exams?

About Entrance Exams

Entrance exams are those exams which we take during the admission process of any course mostly professional courses. There are so many such type of courses like MBA, M Tech, B Tech, BBA, BCA, MCA, ME, BE and many more. If you are looking forward to take admissions to these courses then most of the universities and institutes who are offering any of these courses are going to conduct entrance exams for these courses. As we all know that all these mentioned courses are professional degree courses, they are not just the diploma courses which are professional but they are the blend of traditional degree courses and professional diploma courses. So, by conducting entrance exams they check your abilities and adaptability for the applied course. If you meet their minimum cut off marks then you are eligible to take admission to that course. Continue reading “How to Clear Entrance Exams?”

IT Courses: New Way to Success

Today Information Technology (IT) is one of the fastest growing sectors, so it is very good for career. IT courses enable us to get a job in IT sector and start a good career. There are various courses available in this stream, such as DCA (Diploma in Computer Application), BCA (Bachelor of Computer Application), MCA (Master of Computer Application) etc. Diploma courses are short term courses and provide brief knowledge about computer and its application, whereas professional degree courses such as BCA and MCA are providing depth knowledge. Continue reading “IT Courses: New Way to Success”

Some Less Popular Professional Courses

About Professional Courses

Some Less Popular Professional Courses

Professional courses are designed in such a manner so that the aspirants can get job easily after completion of their course. These are diploma courses and as well as degree courses also. In diploma courses the focus is on practical knowledge and theoretical knowledge just compliment it, while in professional degree courses there is a balance maintained between theoretical and practical knowledge. This is a blend of diploma and traditional degree courses. Most of the students emphasis more to pursue professional degree courses over diploma or traditional degree courses. Continue reading “Some Less Popular Professional Courses”

University vs Institute: What to Choose?

University: An Introduction

University is a body or we can say a governing body who governs or control all the activities and curriculum of colleges controlled by that university. In India there are so many universities and every university has numerous number of colleges under its belt. One university has many colleges and many departments. University provides education in different disciplines, they also provides specialization. For example one university offers BA, B Com and B Sc all these courses are under graduate courses and all are of three totally different disciplines. As you can see BA (Bachelor of Arts) is a course under discipline of arts or humanities, B Com (Bachelor of Commerce) is a course under discipline of commerce and B Sc (Bachelor of Science) is a degree course comes under the discipline of Science. The most important thing is that university always provide degree courses, but now there are some universities that also provide short term diploma and certificate courses. Universities also provide distance learning programs, under this scheme of study you have the option to attend or not to attend classes which occur once in a week or twice in a week only on weekends. That could be on Saturday or on Sunday or on both the days Saturday and Sunday. In India all the universities has been controlled by UGC (University Grants Commission). Continue reading “University vs Institute: What to Choose?”

Various Course Options after 12th Science

After doing 12th from science, there are many options for career and courses. It is a difficult task to choose a right course for a student. Students who are from science stream can choose any field of study, all options are always open for a science student. They can go for either conventional degree courses of any discipline or professional degree courses or diploma courses. We are going to discuss about some prestigious and job oriented courses which science student can opt for below. Continue reading “Various Course Options after 12th Science”

Various Entrance Exams in India

About Entrance Exams

Entrance exams are those exams or tests which are conducted by different universities or colleges or institutes to give admission to a course. Even there are some exams which are conducted by a group of universities or group of institutes or group of colleges to provide admission. Some entrance are conducted by the government to determine the universal rank of the students for a group of different courses. In our country there are to many courses in which you have to clear he entrance exam to get admission to that course.

Best way of cracking an entrance exam is that focus on the pattern of that test and manage your time according to different sections. For example if you are stronger in reasoning then try to solve the section of reasoning first and if you are weaker in general knowledge or general awareness then try to keep it for the last. According to me, the best way to crack any entrance exam is that just take a look at the question if you know the answer or you know how to find the answer then solve it otherwise leave it and proceed.

There are different entrance exams in our country we will discuss below about some of them. Continue reading “Various Entrance Exams in India”

Short Term Courses after BBA: Get the Best Out of Your Degree

After competing (Bachelor of Business Administration) BBA, there are various career and studies options for students. They can go for higher studies like MBA, PGEM etc, or they can opt for any short term courses and get a job oriented approach. Other than that there are various diploma courses available for BBA pass-outs. In this post, we will talk about various short term courses available after completion of BBA. Lets get into the details.

Various Short Term Courses for BBA Students

If you want a professional job oriented approach after completing your BBA, then opting for some short term course will be a good idea. There are a number courses available and you can choose a course according to your interest and aptitude. The most important aspect of short term courses is that they are of short duration and gives a professional & specialized approach in order to make student an industry ready expert. Let’s talk about various courses.

Certification in BS Communication

It is one of the most popular short term certification course, which is famous among BBA students. It is actually a training program which provides skills of how to teach speech, listen, write etc. In short, it prepares students to teach communication to others. As a BBA pass-out is already skillful in good communication, hence a lot of them goes for this certification. All those who want to make their career in communication can opt for certification in BS Communication.

Executive Certificate in Event Management

This is a short term certification in event management. It will get you trained in various event related aspects such as sponsorship, budgeting, bidding, venue selection, planning, designing, event set-up etc. All those who have interest in even management and marketing can opt for this certification.

Certificate in Journalism

In this certification, you will get to know the fundamentals of new media skills, media policies and other communication process. Those students who are seeking career in journalism & media should definitely go for this professional course.

Mass Communication Certification

Those students who are interested in public relation, media and communication should consider doing certification in mass communication. The certification provides students with firm foundation in mass communication, TV, radio, print media etc. It will lead students to career opportunities like Public Relations, Print Production, TV, Radio, Advertising etc.

Certificate in Fashion Designing

This certificate course will impart students with various fashion fundamentals such as creative design, fashion illustration, tailoring, pattern creation, art concepts and various creative & technical sides of fashion industry. Students who wish to become fashion designer, illustrator, model, photographer, costumier etc. can go for this short term course after their BBA degree.

These are few of the many short term courses that can be done after BBA. Some more courses are Textile Designing Certification, Corporate Training Certification, IT related courses like Web Designing, Social Media, Graphics, Web Development, Animation etc., Six Sigma, CCNA, Database and a lot of other job oriented courses. Other than these small duration courses you can go for more professional courses which are of longer duration like ICWAI (Institute of Cost & Works Accountants of India) CA (Chartered Accountancy) etc.