Courses Related to Research Programs: A Step Towards Glory

About Research Programs

Research programs are those programs which are related to the in depth study of a particular subject, so that a new invention or discovery can take place with respect to that subject. Under a research program you have to choose a topic only and have to study all the aspects of that subject and then try to understand that, is there any scope of new theorem or formula or principle or method or invention or discovery. Students have to note down all the observations and the outputs during their research program and that is known as writing of thesis. If someone write down a thesis and that has been approved by the pioneers of that field or subject or discipline then the one also become a renowned person of that field. There were so many scientists, mathematicians, philosophers, scholars evolved by their successful research programs. As we all know about the great “Albert Einstein”, “Sir Issac Newton” and many more. They all were great researchers of their time.

To do a research program first you have to identify your interest, passion and skill so that where you can excel yourself, where you can explore yourself, where you can evolve yourself. After getting answers to these questions you have to ask yourself why you are going to do, if your answer is glory then yes, this is for you. You have to go for traditional degree programs after your schooling to move towards a research program. We discuss the steps below.

Under Graduate Degree Course

After your schooling you have to go for BA (Bachelor of Arts) or B Com (Bachelor of Commerce) or B Sc (Bachelor of Science). As we all know that these courses are traditional courses so they provide theoretical knowledge in detail they are different from professional courses, because they don't have that much focus on practical knowledge as on theoretical knowledge. After schooling this course provides the required base for a research program. This is the first step towards the research program. You can also go for any job after graduation you can get a job if you possess a good knowledge.

Post Graduate Degree Course

After graduation you have to complete your post graduation either MA (Master of Arts) or M Com (Master of Commerce) or M Sc (Master of Science) from a university. This course enables one to go for research programs. This gives the knowledge of your field specialized, because we all know apart from under graduate course post graduate course can be done in a specialized subject only. This emphasis on one subject only. That's why this provides the knowledge of that particular subject in which you are going to do the research program. This is the second step towards research program. After this course you will definitely get a job or you can easily join the teaching profession.

M Phil (Master of Philosophy)

This is known as the mini or junior research program. Under this program you have to research on the already proven techniques, but you also have to show your uniqueness in that program.

PhD (Doctor of Philosophy)

This is the original research program. Under this program you have to write the thesis on your chosen topic. This is the extended version of M Phil because this is actually demands from you to contribute something new to the current pool of knowledge, this demands from you to expand your limits. Even it is quite similar to M Phil but still much more difficult in comparison to M Phil. After successfully completion of your research you get the degree of “Doctorate”.


Now a days there are very few people take the challenge of research programs because you can't earn that much quickly like you can after professional degree courses. But if you do hard work in right direction then you will get notified by the whole world. So, this program is only for those students who must work hard and tr to explore themselves, otherwise without intelligence and hard work you can ruin your life. So, think about yourself and your passion and then go for research program on your passion. Best of Luck!