A Degree Course, Diploma Course Or Professional Degree Course: What to Choose?

Now a days most of the people wants to get success in a short span period, but still there are some left who want to succeed but in a proper way it doesn't matter either it take a long time or short time, what they exactly want to succeed in such a way or manner so that after a mark they feel secure about their success. Today's era is too competitive, due to this competition so many aspirants have to compromise with their interests. But some of them still find their way to success. The popularity of professional degree courses is going high day by day. Most of the aspirants are pursuing professional degree courses just to become job ready.

A Degree Course or A Conventional Degree Course

Degree courses are the most conventional way of study. In our country the courses like B Com (Bachelor of Commerce), B Sc (Bachelor of Science), BA (Bachelor of Arts), BE (Bachelor of Engineering) etc. are the conventional degree courses. These courses are designed only to provide the in depth knowledge about a subject. For example some one who is doing BE in automobile then he/she is not just know about any part of a car but almost every single thing about a car. If some one ask an automobile engineer to design a car so that it can target a particular group of people. Now this engineer has to think and look about all the aspects of the car for that target audience. These aspects could be what is the budget of those targeted people, what are their requirements, how much company can invest on this project, what are their expected sales and profits etc. After observing all these aspects he/she has to design the car. During designing a prototype or model of a car the engineer has to look on these aspects like what type of engine is going to be used, what will be the length, breadth height, shape, weight and volume of the car etc. After all these things they have to think if a particular problem arises then what will be the solution for that problem or why that kind of problem arise, is there any fault remain in this car. After all kinds of testing a car gets ready to manufacture. Similarly B Com, B Com (Honors), BA, BA (Honors), B Sc, B Sc (Honors), BE, MA, M Com, M Sc, ME all these courses are designed to provide in depth knowledge. If a student choose any of these courses, may be he/she has to struggle more than others to get a job but when they get job they earn more than any other aspirant of other courses. Because they know all the aspects of their subjects, they can tackle any problem that they face during their job. They provide more quality work, it could be less in quantity but quality will never be compromised. In the long run due to changing technologies they can survive just because of their in depth knowledge about that subject.

A Professional Degree Course or Job Ready Degree Course

These are those courses which are job oriented course but with essential knowledge about that subject. These courses are more popular than any other course now a days. Some more popular courses are BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration), BCA (Bachelor of Computer Applications), MBA (Master of Business Administration) and MCA (Master of Computer Applications). Aspirants apply for these courses more because after completing their course they want a handy salary package and companies also offers those kind of salary packages which looks quite attractive to the aspirants. These courses are a blend of knowledge and market skills. These courses also gives us knowledge but not in depth or whole knowledge but the required knowledge according to the market or we can say they are designed to provide applied knowledge. Aspirants who want job quickly with a handy salary package choose for these courses, one more thing that makes these courses more popular is the marketing strategies used by the colleges, institutes and universities and the mentality of aspirants. For example a BCA aspirant thinks that he/she got the job quicker than a B Sc (Computer Science) aspirant but the initial salary difference is in favor of B Sc aspirant, in this case BCA aspirant thinks that he/she can cover the gap of salary with experience. If the market techniques are not going to change for over a period so that one can survive then its a really good option. The thing which matters more than any other in the case of these courses is that always keep your eye on market and its techniques and situations, otherwise survival could become difficult.

Diploma Courses or Short Term Job Oriented Courses

Diploma courses are the job ready courses, they are specially designed for this purpose only. Courses like DBA (Diploma in Business Administration), DCA (Diploma in Computer Applications), Diploma in Hotel Management are some perfect examples of diploma courses. These courses are usually provide some basic and fundamental knowledge about the discipline and the current techniques to tackle the problems. These courses are of short time and aspirants earn a handy salary package after doing these courses in comparison to conventional degree courses and professional degree courses the salary package is less after doing diploma courses. But one thing is that some universities give lateral admission to the candidates with diploma in some of their professional degree courses, such as DBA candidate can get direct admission in second year of BBA, similarly DCA passes candidate gets lateral entry in second year of BCA. These are specially designed for those aspirants who wants a job quickly without spending a time to get a degree for three to five years, they want a job with in one year.

Key Difference and Conclusion

There are some key differences in between these courses such as-

  • Salary Package: Initial salary for a conventional degree aspirant will be highest while the diploma holder will get lowest salary.
  • Find a Job: Diploma holder will get job after a year or two year while professional degree holder will have to wait for completion of course on the other hand conventional degree holder will have to wait for more long time but this case could be turned (Note: I mentioned in most of the general cases).
  • Survival: All can survive due to their efforts but in general if any crisis arise then conventional degree holder can survive longer than the others while diploma holder will have to struggle most of them, due to a devastating recession may be all of them could suffer.

Finally its up to the aspirants what are their goals, targets and what they want to achieve. They have to take their own decision by observing every aspect of current era and what is in their way or what is waiting for them? They have to keep their eye on all of their surroundings that which is the handy one which will earn him/her more profit, how can he/she maximize his/her satisfaction, health and wealth so, choose wisely!