Distance Learning Education Vs Regular Education

All over the world there are two proper ways of learning, one is regular learning and the second one is distance learning. As these two terms indicate that in regular learning you have to attend all regular classes and you have to register a set mark of attendance at your college or institution, while on other hand in distance learning there is no necessity of attending regular classes. In distance learning most of the universities and institutions conduct classes on weekend it may be Saturday and Sunday both or may be either Sunday or Saturday. In regular learning the internal exams are compulsory while on the other hand except some courses in distance learning there is no such type of rule imposed. Still there are some courses which are not available in maximum institutes and universities under distance learning like BE, B Tech, ME and M Tech. These courses are not available in distance learning in maximum universities or institutes.

Regular Learning Education

This is the most traditional way of education. There are so many schools, colleges and institutes all over India. All are providing regular education to the aspirants. Under regular education the student has always been under the observation of any teacher or mentor or tutor or professor or lecturer. They always keep their eye on the students they are assigned with. Students have to prepare the class assignments, home assignments etc under this scheme of study. Those assignments have been observed or checked by your mentor, teacher, tutor etc. They approved that for your future notes to study for the exams if any error found in your assignment then they rectify that so that you can easily get prepare for your exams. You have to take some surprise tests conducted by your concerned teacher from time to time, then they prepare a report on each individual student and then try to figure out the problems if found of the students. Most of the students of this scheme of study have better chance to learn and explore about their concerned subjects and course of study.

Distance Learning Education

This is another way of learning the distance learning education system. Under this scheme of study students are directly connected to the university there is no mediator between student and universities. But now a days the universities affiliate some institutes to get more and more students through them. The institutes helps you to follow the procedure of the university and even they provide you the classes according to your convenience, either regular or non regular classes. While on the other hand where there is no mediator between student and universities, there students have the option either to attend classes or not. The classes has been conducted on weekends such as either on Saturday or Sunday or both on Saturday and Sunday. Under this scheme of study there is no necessity of taking internal exams except some subjects. The student have to study and learn on personal basis because there is no mentor or teacher is available under this scheme. Yes, the institutes offer classes but that isn't free, you have to pay to attend those classes while on the other hand the weekend classes conducted by the universities directly are just to help the students if they are facing some hectic problems during their studies.

Key Differences

  • First difference is that in regular classes the classes are compulsory while in distance learning classes are optional.
  • Second difference is that in regular studies a mentors observes us while in distance learning we have to observe ourselves.
  • Third difference is under regular education classes are regular that is Monday to Friday or Monday to Saturday, while under distance education classes conducts on weekends only that is either on Saturday or Sunday or both Saturday and Sunday.

Final Words

You can choose any scheme of study according to your preference and situation. If you are a working professional then you can prefer distance learning while if you are just a student and you can manage daily travel from your home to college or institute and again back to home then you can go for regular scheme of study. So, Think analyze and choose the option that suits you the best. Good Luck!