How to Clear Entrance Exams?

About Entrance Exams

Entrance exams are those exams which we take during the admission process of any course mostly professional courses. There are so many such type of courses like MBA, M Tech, B Tech, BBA, BCA, MCA, ME, BE and many more. If you are looking forward to take admissions to these courses then most of the universities and institutes who are offering any of these courses are going to conduct entrance exams for these courses. As we all know that all these mentioned courses are professional degree courses, they are not just the diploma courses which are professional but they are the blend of traditional degree courses and professional diploma courses. So, by conducting entrance exams they check your abilities and adaptability for the applied course. If you meet their minimum cut off marks then you are eligible to take admission to that course.

Now a days in our country too many aspirants take various kinds of entrance exams to take admission to the professional degree courses. Some of the aspirants started preparing for the exams at very early age during their schooling in 9th standard, while some starts after their schooling, some drop their 1 year just for the preparation. Most of the aspirants join classes for the preparations, while very few of the aspirants prepare on their own caliber. I am not saying that attending preparation classes is wrong, what I am trying to say that you need to believe on yourself too without believing yourself you can not clear the entrance exam. You have to work hard from your side also.

Types of Questions

Every entrance exam has its own pattern, but all of them has some thing in common. Yes some basic things and concepts are exactly the same. Every entrance exam is objective type test, number of questions and time allotted differs from each other. But all these contains 4 similar sections. One section is of language writing and comprehension mostly English, second section is of reasoning, third section is of quantitative ability or maths and fourth section is of general knowledge or general awareness. The level of difficulty varies with the exam.

Some Tips

  • First of all try to find your strongest aspect and the weakest aspect. By finding these two aspects your most of the problems get solved, the picture will become crystal clear before you.
  • Second divide your time for all the sections. Suppose you are strongest in maths then you need less time on maths and reasoning and you are weakest in language say English, then devote most of your time to English.
  • General knowledge or awareness always need more time than any other section, because it covers every aspects of the whole universe.
  • Try to find which types of questions are going to be targeted in GK section, it depends on your exam type. For example if you are taking entrance exam for BBA then most of the GK questions are business and economics related.
  • Try to solve mock tests, this helps you to divide your time in exam. By this method you will actually know which section needs more time in exam, how to manage your exam time section by section or question by question.
  • In maths you can try some shortcuts to reduce your time. There are so many short cut methods to solve mathematical problems.
  • Most important thing is that keep your head calm, cool and composed. This will help you to concentrate and focus and not allow you to panic.

One more good technique is to solve your questions by looking at each and every question. Means just look at the question, if you know how to solve or you know the answer then fill the OMR sheet other wise proceed to next question. After solving all the questions the questions which were left allow you to look on them one more time. If you can solve then solve them other wise leave. As we all know that these exams contain negative marking also, so try to avoid mistakes because every mistake reflects on your performance with its negative marking scheme.


All the entrance exams has their own identity. They all are different due to their types of questions but still some basic things are same. So, if you made your base strong, means good writing and comprehension skills on language mostly English, good quantitative and reasoning abilities, after these always try to enhance your general knowledge in every aspect. This will definitely help you to clear entrance exams.