Professional Courses after 12th Arts: Be Job Oriented

About Professional Courses

Professional courses are those courses which are more job oriented rather than knowledge oriented. These courses are specially designed to get job immediately after the completion of course. This courses are of short period to long period. These courses could be of 2 months diploma or certificate course to a 3 to 4 year long degree course.

Most of us know about the professional degree courses and diploma courses such as BBA, BCA, Polytechnic etc. But there are much more courses such as in Fashion Designing, Event Management etc. Those students who have cleared their 12th from humanities or arts stream can't do some degree courses but in case of professional courses doors are always open for every stream. BBA or BCA are professional degree courses but can be done by any 12th passed student just like all he diploma and certificate courses also could be done by anyone. There are too many courses to do after completing 12th from arts some of them are given below:

  • Fashion Design Course is one of the rapidly emerging career options after inter. Due to changing fashions day by day the fashion industry is growing. Now one can find himself/herself in a good position after doing course in fashion design.
  • Event Management Course is also a "trending now" course. Event management industry is quite new in India that's why it is providing huge opportunities to freshers. This industry is quite similar to promotional industry.
  • Mass Media and Mass Communication Course is one of the top level professional course in our country. Due to huge amount of TV channels specially news channels and radio stations the demand of mass media and mass communication professionals is increasing day by day.
  • Foreign Language Course is related to the study of languages outside our country except English lke German, Spanish, Chinese etc. The demand of billingual and multillingual has been increased in embassys.
  • Entrepreneurship Course is an ever green course beacuse any one can start his/her own business at any time. This course is to learn about the essentials of running a successful business.
  • Hotel Management Course is related to the hospitality industry. Hospitality is needed in many industries but mostly in travel and tourism industry and their after in food industry. There are number of hotels and restaurants are present in our country and many are opening. This is considered to be of the best courses after inter.
  • Web Designing Course is related to the designing of websites. This is related to internet industry which is a part of IT (Information Technology). IT industry always gives opportunities to youth.
  • Web Development Course is related to the development and programming of a websites. This is also a part of IT industry.
  • LLB (Bachelor of Legislative Law) is one of the professional degree courses. This is one of the long term courses. This takes long time with dedication, hard work and most essential things the learning power and application of laws on right place at right time. Every country has a la and order of its own. There is always a need of those people who can take care of the law, order and justice. One can be a lawyer, barrister or even a judge of court also. This course is always stays in demand but only thing that is associated with this course is the only drawback and that is long span of time. Otherwise this is one of the best orthodox option of professional course after inter.

Choose Wisely

Always choose your course wisely with keeping an eye on your situation and condition. The fact that always remains same is that your interests and strenghths and after that observe the market trend and future of that sector. Wish you a good luck . Go for it!