University vs Institute: What to Choose?

University: An Introduction

University is a body or we can say a governing body who governs or control all the activities and curriculum of colleges controlled by that university. In India there are so many universities and every university has numerous number of colleges under its belt. One university has many colleges and many departments. University provides education in different disciplines, they also provides specialization. For example one university offers BA, B Com and B Sc all these courses are under graduate courses and all are of three totally different disciplines. As you can see BA (Bachelor of Arts) is a course under discipline of arts or humanities, B Com (Bachelor of Commerce) is a course under discipline of commerce and B Sc (Bachelor of Science) is a degree course comes under the discipline of Science. The most important thing is that university always provide degree courses, but now there are some universities that also provide short term diploma and certificate courses. Universities also provide distance learning programs, under this scheme of study you have the option to attend or not to attend classes which occur once in a week or twice in a week only on weekends. That could be on Saturday or on Sunday or on both the days Saturday and Sunday. In India all the universities has been controlled by UGC (University Grants Commission).

Institute: An Introduction

An institute is an autonomous body which provides education mostly in one discipline only, but now there are many institutes which are providing courses in more than one discipline and also providing options of distance learning mode or regular learning. They also provide flexibility in timings of your classes. But institutes are actually those autonomous bodies which provide diploma programs in majority and degree programs in minority, to provide degree programs they have to get affiliation from any university. There are too many institutes in India, their actual motive is to produce professionals who can adapt the professional conditions very quickly and they can work according to the demand of market and its conditions. In India all Institutes are controlled by AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education).

Differences Between Universities and Institutes

There are some differences between universities and institutes, we look after those differences now.

  • University is a governing body which is responsible for the activities of the colleges comes under its belt while institute is an autonomous body which has its own authority moreover it could have its group of institutions, all using same name but at different places.
  • Basically universities provide degree courses while institutes provide diploma or certificate courses.
  • In India universities are controlled by UGC while institutes are controlled by AICTE.
  • The course curriculum revised in 3 to 5 years at least if required in universities while on other hand institutes revise their curriculum every year and make changes according to the need.
  • Universities emphasis on theoretical knowledge while institutes emphasis on practical and applied knowledge more.
  • In India mostly universities provides research programs while institutes can not provide these programs, but in some cases they also provide research programs but in these cases they have a tie up with any research center or organization.

End of Discussion

Both the universities and institutes providing education but the basic difference is that universities provide in depth knowledge while institutes provide applied knowledge, both the bodies have same motive. In India the current era is very competitive so, every one is looking to improve his/her living standard and status, if your aspirations are same then you have to grab applied knowledge so, that you can get good job very quickly and start earning very early and you will get this in institutes. But still there are so many peoples who want to learn new things, explore themselves and wants to add any new thing to the current pool of knowledge, those aspirants need the in depth knowledge, if anyone of you have this motive than go for research programs that you can get from university. But in this field you have to struggle too much and in terms of money this field lag behind but once you succeed thereafter you have the opportunity to earn a very huge amount of money. So, think wisely and choose wisely, best of luck!