MBA For Finance


A successful Accounts manager in today's work force needs a complete understanding of capital market, international finance financial institutions & banking, legal aspects of finance and taxation, amongst other things. The MBA program enables students to demonstrate their abilities by assuming an active role in planning, organizing and implementing Finance Management activities.

Overview Of The Program

This MBA program is apt for students who wish to excel in today's dynamic global business world. To help students realize their dreams, this unique course is designed to cover general management areas like Principles and Practices of Management, Management Accounting, Economics and Business Communication, which build a foundation of various management theories, concepts and practices.


Code First Semester
001 Principles and Practices of Managemen
002 Organizational Behaviour
003 Management Accounting
004 Managerial Economics
005 Business Communication
006 Business Law
Code Second Semester
007 Production / Operations Management
008 Financial Management
009 Human Resource Management
010 Marketing Management
011 Strategic Management
012 Management Information System
Code Third Semester
030 Project Finance
031 Capital Market
032 International Finance
033 Financial Institutions and Banking
Code Fourth Semester
034 Taxation
035 Security Analysis & Portfolio Management
036 Strategic Finance
037 Legal Aspects of Finance
021 Research Methodology & Project Report
Duration of Course Course Fee
The duration of MBA program is two years, while the registration is valid for three years. The total fees for MBA program is Rs.45,500/- (Including all the charges). / NRI students 5000 extra