MBA For Information Technology


There's more to IT than technology! IT involves computers, software, and services, but good IT synthesizes these elements with a concentration on how an organization can best meet its goals. IT managers are expected to accomplish a variety of tasks with limited resources. Thus, they must hone their organizational and managerial skills to run the most effective programs possible. The program discusses technologies that students will have to manage and implement, at just the right level-enough detail to explain the technology, but not so much as to become boring. All IT managers, executives and project leaders aspiring to become managers will benefit from this MBA program.

Overview Of The Program

This program is designed for students seeking specialization in information technology. Though the main focus is on IT related subjects, the students will also learn basic principles of management like planning, organizing, controlling and decision making, along with other key topics such as HR, Marketing, Management Accounting and Financial Management. The program provides technology inputs with basic knowledge of /c and Java Programming.


CodeFirst Semester
001Principles and Practices of Managemen
003Management Accounting
053Computer Fundamentals & Networking
054C Programming
055Operating Systems
CodeSecond Semester
008Financial Management
012Management Information System
056Data Base Management System
057Software Engineering & Project Mgt.
058Web Technologies
CodeThird Semester
059Business Communication
060Java Programming
061Object Oriented Analysis & Design
CodeFourth Semester
009Human Resource Management
010Marketing Management
Duration of CourseCourse Fee
The duration of MBA program is two years, while the registration is valid for three years.The total fees for MBA program is Rs.60,500/- Including - I card , study material, Admission and Examination Fee, Taxes. Etc... / NRI students 5000 extra