MBA For Human Resource


Understanding the politics of globalization may have been a luxury once; but now it is simply a necessity. Despite the ease with which it is often conducted, doing business across borders is not the same as doing it at home. Rather, it entails a whole new set of managerial challenges: reassessing competitive advantage; evaluating diverse political environments and legal structures; considering the impact of currency fluctuations and trading regimes; and understanding widely disparate cultures and business norms.

Overview Of The Program

The MBA program informs students of the new innovations inthis field and familiarizes them with the latest HR trends. The students are groomed as managers who learn right from the basic functions such as planning and organizing to compensation management and performance appraisials.this program also familiarizes students with topics such as accounting, economics and others, which are important for strategic planning and decision making.


Code First Semester
001 Principles and Practices of Managemen
002 Organizational Behaviour
003 Management Accounting
004 Managerial Economics
005 Business Communication
006 Business Law
Code Second Semester
007 Production / Operations Management
008 Financial Management
009 Human Resource Management
010 Marketing Management
011 Strategic Management
012 Management Information System
Code Third Semester
022 Personnel Administration
023 HR Development & Training
024 Industrial Relations & Labour Laws
025 TQM & HR
Code Fourth Semester
026 Organizational Development
027 Performance & Potential Management
028 Compensation Management
029 Strategic HR
021 Research Methodology & Project Report
Duration of Course Course Fee
The duration of MBA program is two years, while the registration is valid for three years. The total fees for MBA program is Rs.45,500/- (Including all the charges). / NRI students 5000 extra