MBA For Operations


As companies around the world have decided to take advantage of globalization, they have shifted from integrated, vertical business models to horizontal models that depend heavily on outside vendors and suppliers. Customers globally are becoming more and more demanding and competition has intensified. The need for organizations today is to create a system of production planning & control, materials management, quantitative techniques, maintenance management, cases in operations management and supply chain management.

Overview Of The Program

This course provides an opportunity for vertical growth. Students acquire professional qualification in materials management and logistics, leading to an improvement in their job skills and self enrichment. The course begins by laying the groundwork for a comprehensive understanding of what operations management.


CodeFirst Semester
001Principles and Practices of Managemen
002Organizational Behaviour
003Management Accounting
004Managerial Economics
005Business Communication
006Business Law
CodeSecond Semester
007Production / Operations Management
008Financial Management
009Human Resource Management
010Marketing Management
011Strategic Management
012Management Information System
CodeThird Semester
038Materials Management
039Production Planning & Control
040Techniques for Operation Efficiency
041Business Process Re-Engineering
CodeFourth Semester
042Supply Chain Management
043Quantitative Techniques
044Maintenance Management
045Cases In Operation Management
021Research Methodology & Project Report
Duration of CourseCourse Fee
The duration of MBA program is two years, while the registration is valid for three years.The total fees for MBA program is Rs.60,500/- Including - I card , study material, Admission and Examination Fee, Taxes. Etc... / NRI students 5000 extra