MBA For Retail Management


The Insurance sector today provides an excellent employment opportunity. Besides General Insurance Corporation and the Life Insurance of India, several private life insurance companies such ING Vysya, Birla Sun Life Insurance etc. have entered the insurance market, increasing the demand for professionally qualified candidates..

Overview Of The Program

The curriculum has been designed and developed in collaboration with New India Insurance and expert faculty in this field. Students will get inputs on general management subjects like Principles and Practices of Management. The course covers the practice of general insurance, various laws and legalities of the business, associated risks and management of these risks and personal insurance.


Code First Semester
001 Principles and Practices of Managemen
002 Organizational Behaviour
003 Management Accounting
004 Managerial Economics
005 Business Communication
006 Business Law
Code Second Semester
007 Production / Operations Management
008 Financial Management
009 Human Resource Management
010 Marketing Management
011 Strategic Management
012 Management Information System
Code Third Semester
013 Consumer Behaviour
072 Sales Management
073 Retail Management - 1
010 Marketing Management
Code Fourth Semester
017 Management Information System
018 Service Marketing
019 Retail Management - 2
020 Supply Chain Management
Duration of Course Course Fee
The duration of MBA program is two years, while the registration is valid for three years. The total fees for MBA program is Rs.45,500/- (Including all the charges). / NRI students 5000 extra