MBA – Overview Course

Masters In Business Administration (MBA) – Overview

The program of masters in business administration is intended to provide leadership qualities and to impart elementary business concepts to the students. But the correspondence MBA program, at National Institute of Business Studies, surpasses the typical definition. It goes way above and beyond to present you with outstanding array of management, administration & leadership qualities to make you stand out of the global market.

Our Commitment – Your Success

The passionate, skilled & experienced faculty, at National Institute of Business Studies, is committed to produce successful leaders with a revolutionary personality and unified viewpoint. Another commitment is to make today's students the leaders of tomorrow. And not just leaders, but triumphant leaders in any type of organization, from a multinational enterprise, to a growing startup company, or a business of their own. Our commitment is to make our graduates able enough to make remarkable contributions in every domain of business and management. If we sum up all of the above, our ultimate commitment is the corporate success of our students!

Overview of Curriculum

The matchless curriculum of MBA, at NIBS, renders you with a key configuration of quantitative, qualitative, logical, tactical, problem solving, decision making and self driven skills. During the first semester, all students practise common subjects. The final two semesters embrace subjects, dedicated to your particular specialization. The curriculum entitles students to master groundwork of management principles, newest theories, advanced methodologies & practices in a complete business environment. We prepare industry ready professionals by providing them understanding about accounts, finance, HR functions, IT skills, marketing tactics, management know-hows and business trends to survive and grow in the cut-throat competitive corporate. The students at our institute are also made well informed about the laws involved in business & economics. In fine, the lessons of business communication give the students extra edge to compete well in the industry.

Duration of CourseThe Special Advantage Course Fee
The duration of distance learning MBA program is two years, while the registration is valid for three years.The total fee for MBA program is Rs.60,500/- Including - I card , study material, Admission and Examination Fee, Taxes. Etc... / NRI students 5000 extra