Distance Civil Engineering Course

Distance Learning Civil Engineering Course

Considered to be one of the oldest in engineering disciples have become significant over the time. It gravitates around design, manufacture of man-made and natural structure around us. A competent civil engineer is responsible for determining the right design for the structures and ensures every step so that the longevity of these structures can be guaranteed even after its completion. Currently, the profession is undergoing scarcity of civil graduates which elevates its importance than ever.

Civil Engineering Distance Learning Course at NIBS offer a great opportunity for all those candidates who want to shape their civil engineering courses that can easily correspond their working lives. The institute has earned distinct honour in Correspondence Civil Engineering Course with state of art infrastructure and architecture.

Civil Engineers play a pivotal role responsible for designing as well planning to fabricate concrete building, bridges and other structures and execute them at a reasonable scale which looks for good analytical mind.

At NIBS, like a regular tertiary course our Part Time Civil Engineering Course impart the same quality of education that would certainly extend upper hand to execute large-cap project such as roads, railways, harbours, airports etc.

Join our Part Time Civil Engineering Course in order to become a part of the most challenging and exciting career. Having a degree from NIBS would certainly extend the trump hand to become a well-paid professional in this sector.

Part Time Civil Engineering Courses

Civil engineers are expected to come forth with creative ideas, mathematical skill, time management skill, supervision skill etc. in which they wold improve the infrastructure of the construction amidst with the simultaneous changes in urbanisation, climate as well as various unpredictable elements. At NIBS, our course of study is structured in theoretical and practical approach so that the candidate would be exposed with a variety of technical skills and solid knowledge about laws and regulation, and construction challenges so that by the end of the course the candidate will be evolved through decision making abilities.

Branches of Civil Engineering

  • Construction Engineering
  • Transportation Engineering
  • Earthquake engineering
  • Water Resource Engineering
  • Environment Engineering

These branches can certainly describe the massive opportunities in public and private sectors. Civil engineering graduates are open to architecture, real estate, business, information technology, law and consultancy.

At NIBS, our course encompasses with various intrigue elements such as renovation, construction, calculation, maintenance, building and infrastructure as well as structural machines.

Distance learning Diploma Course in Civil Engineering (DCE)

Part time diploma engineering course covers the fundamental concepts of plan, design, construct, maintain and recycling of the structures in communities such as bridges, buildings, dams, railway, tunnels etc. NIBS correspondence civil engineering courses provide a robust foundation in the troubleshooting skills of civil engineering. We understand that perhaps there is no such shortage of theoretical oriented practitioners, but the industry is still deprived of the competent, practically oriented engineers and technicians. Post the diploma course is eligible to pursue a successful career as a certified engineer.

Distance Learning Bachelor Course in Civil Engineering

Civil engineering influences every domain of modern human life where a considerable proportion of the physical infrastructure of modern society is provided by the competent civil engineers. Curriculum of Correspondence Civil Engineering Course from NIBS is also responsible for all the critical elements responsible for the functioning of communities such as transport system, gas, water, wastewater treatment gas, etc.

Distance learning Masters Course in Civil Engineering

The curriculum of Masters Course in Civil Engineering covers the conceptualisation, designs and erect infrastructure offered for civil engineering and related graduates intending to enter the profession and wishing to study Masters-level course rather than specialising in a particular area of subject.

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